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March 1st, 2013 kfrile14

At Trinity there is no week in the spring that is designated as “Spring Break.” There is, however, a week called “Reading Week,” which for full-time Irish students is usually a chance to either go home or to catch up on reading assignments and writing papers. This past week was Reading Week, but instead of spending it in the library, the other HC girls and I decided to do a little learning outside the classroom and go to Spain for a week of adventures. The five of us started our journey together in Barcelona and then after a packed day of touring we split up the next morning, three of us leaving for Palma de Mallorca and two of us going to León to each visit our HC friends studying abroad at those sites. I was part of the Palma crew and so we left at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday morning to fly from Barcelona to Palma (only a 30 min trip). We spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning in Palma and then flew to Madrid Monday afternoon. Madrid is my favorite city in the world so I played tour guide and token Spanish interpreter as I dragged my friends around the capital Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday. Then Wednesday it was back to Dublin and back to school work and preparing for the multiple waves of visitors that we will all be hosting in the coming weeks. The trip was a blast and we did so much touring in so little time that it would be crazy to try to give a detailed account of every moment, so here are some pictures from the highlights of the trip:

The HC Trinity girls atop a bench at Parc Güell in Barcelona

Me, outside the cathedral in Barcelona. We stopped here and walked around the neighborhood before having some delicious tapas at a restaurant called El Xampanyet for dinner

Me, Casey, and Danielle in Palma in front of the iconic cathedral

The beach in Palma was beautiful and would have been so tempting had the weather not been about 45 degrees

The "Palma crew" in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid. On the same block we also saw the cathedral, city ruins, and the basilica, among other sites

Eating dinner at the world's oldest restaurant, Botín, on our last night in Madrid

Casey and I spent our last afternoon in Madrid walking the city and wandering parks like this one, Retiro, before we caught our flight to Dublin

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