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The Best Day of the Week

November 6th, 2012 kfrile14

As the semester comes to a close I have started to experience some of my “lasts”—last classes, last laundry runs, last time eating at my favorite restaurants. One of these lasts that I am going to miss when I return home is my Sunday schedule. This past Sunday, I had my last typical Sunday day because this coming Sunday I will be too busy running around the city saying goodbye to friends and packing to have a normal Sunday.

At HC and at home, Sundays for me are usually spent preparing for the week. That can mean doing laundry, writing papers, reading for classes, or running errands. Here, however, Sundays have truly been an enjoyable day of rest. I start my day with a banana and coffee at home and then I go for a walk down Avenida Libertador, a wide avenue near my house that is flanked by parks, plazas, beautiful apartments, and embassies. This is such a relaxing way to start my day and to get a little exercise because my gym isn’t open on Sundays. I then run to the store to pick up lunch and after I eat, I sit down for my weekly Skype session with my parents. Post-Skype session I take another little walk, but this time it’s just down the street to Plaza Francia where the Recoleta Feria is held every weekend. It’s officially called the Feria Plaza Francia and it is a stretch of hundreds of stalls filled with goods sold by local venders. The large green in the middle of the stalls is where locals gather to rest, have a snack, or listen to the live music during their shopping trip. There are many ferias in the city, but the Recoleta feria is know for the high quality of its goods. The best part of the walk to Plaza Francia is passing by the tourists on their way to and from the fair, maps in hand, taking pictures of the impressive architecture in my neighborhood. I love overhearing conversations in English and I am especially delighted when I get asked for directions.

At the fair I usually grab a quick snack of my favorite street food, garrapiñada (roasted, sweet peanuts) and wander through the seemingly endless maze of stalls filled with everything from kitchy trinkets to jewelry and leather goods. This weekend, I took a detour to the Recoleta cemetery, which I had visited on my first day in Buenos Aires with Cynthia. We never made it to former-First Lady Eva Peron’s tomb and I wanted to check it off my must-see list. This weekend was also a little different from most other Sundays because I actually bought presents at the fair! Normally I just walk and people watch, but this Sunday I had some serious shopping to do, because of course, I had left all of my gift shopping for the last week.

After the fair, I walk home to shower, eat dinner, and go to bed early because on Monday mornings I have a 45-minute walk to my 8:30a.m class. Monday mornings are rough, but having a relaxing Sunday makes them so much easier. Oh, how I am going to miss my Sundays.

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