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October 15th, 2012 kfrile14

After weeks of clouds and rain, the sun finally came out this weekend. Even though it is technically spring, the weather has been so miserable and cold. I have been waiting and hoping for a beautiful, warm, sunny day and finally, on Saturday, my wish was granted. It was 75 degrees and perfectly sunny and so a few Holy Cross students and I, along with our guide María, did what the people of Buenos Aires do when the weather gets warm:  we took a day trip to Tigre. Tigre is a small, riverside town about an hour north of Buenos Aires and the perfect place for a picturesque day away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Although there is plenty to do in the city itself—boat trips, kayak adventures, biking, museums, and even an amusement park, we spent the day as normal porteños (and not tourists) would. We walked around in the sunshine, ate lunch outside, and watched people row up and down the river. We then took a stroll through the massive fair called the Puerto de Frutos. The fair is much bigger and more diverse than those in the city. I overheard a woman explaining that the fair is there everyday, but it has the most offerings on the weekends. Vendors sell everything you could possibly imagine:  furniture, flowers, jewelry, and even puppies! I had planned to pick up a few souvenirs but I was so overwhelmed by all the offerings that I ended up leaving empty handed. After a tour of the fair we stopped for some delicious and refreshing treats at an artisanal ice cream shop. I was sunburned, full, and exhausted after hours walking around in the long-overdue good weather and so we decided to call it a day and took the train back to the city. Next weekend we will spend the day in Uruguay so I hope the weather will be just as wonderful as it was this weekend!

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