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October 3rd, 2012 kfrile14

A few weeks ago as I was racing off to the Museo Etnográfico (a museum dedicated to the history of the indigenous population of Argentina) to meet my class for a little field trip, I came across a group of students who I could tell were obviously American. As I walked past the group I did a double take because one of them looked like someone I knew….wait a second, it was someone I knew! I turned around and there was my friend Rebecca, who I knew had just arrived in the city to start her semester abroad. She and I had been in contact and were trying to make plans to see each other, but she had been so busy with orientation activities that we hadn’t had a chance to meet up. I could not believe that in a city of 12 million people I literally had just run into the one person I had wanted to see! I’ve never had such a serendipitous moment.

Rebecca and I met on a program called Experiment in International Living (EIL) during the summer of 2009. We, and nine other high school students from around the country, spent a month in the northwest region of Spain living with host families, touring, and walking the Camino de Santiago. It was an amazing adventure and one that made us fast friends. Even though Rebecca lives in the Midwest, she and I have made an effort to see each other (along with another girl from our group) at least once a year since our trip to Spain. We have dubbed this our annual “girl’s weekend.” We try to talk as often as possible, but it’s often difficult to find time to catch up because of our busy schedules. This is why it is so great, and so surreal, that she and I are actually in the same place at the same time! It’s unfortunate that her semester is just getting started as mine is winding down, but I am determined to finish out my last few weeks here exploring the city with her and being her personal Buenos Aires expert just like Cynthia was for me! I have a to-do list of activities and sights for my last few weeks and I intend to drag Rebecca along with me as I work to check them off.

Here are some pictures of Rebecca and me in Madrid, Kansas City, San Francisco, and of course, in Buenos Aires:

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